Things to consider when buying a running backpack

Things to consider when buying a running backpack

Running is a trend that has been there for a long time and one of those that are here to stay. To enjoy running and ensure that you do not hurt yourself, you need to be in the right running gear. A running backpack is part of this gear.

So, what makes a good running backpack?

If you take a closer look at the top 10 best running backpacks of 2017, you will realize that they all have most features in common. The only ways they differ is in color, material make and the design style. All the features that matter are common to all these bags.

Below is a list of things you should consider when buying a running backpack.


To have a smooth run, you need to have as less weight as possible. Otherwise, you will be more tired than you should be by the end of the run if you have too much weight on you. The 10 best running backpacks of 2017 are light in weight. This is how all running backpacks should be. This ensures that the bag does not contribute much to the weight of the things you stuff inside it. When buying the bag, try it on your back first. If it feels like it already has some weight inside, this is definitely not a good running backpack.

The straps

2When it comes to the straps of a backpack, they should be strong enough to hold the bag as well as the weight of its content. They should also minimize the backpack’s movement and keep it intact on your back. There are 3 straps to consider; the shoulder straps, chest straps and waist straps. The shoulder straps should be wide to ensure even distribution of the backpack’s weight across the shoulders. Additionally, wide shoulders prevent the pain caused by thin straps which dig into the shoulders. Chest straps are meant to help take off some weight from the shoulders and distribute it across the chest. Waist straps, on the other hand, are essential for supporting the backpack at the bottom where it is heaviest. They should also be strong and wide. Just like the 10 best running backpacks of 2017, a good backpack should have adjustable straps to hold the backpack firmly and secure.

The fit

It has been mentioned above that a backpack should have adjustable straps. However, these straps should not be used for the purpose of adjusting the bag to fit your posture. A good backpack should match your posture before the straps are adjusted. To know a backpack that complements your posture, it should fit you perfectly around the areas that support the weight. These are your shoulders and the waist.


You will need to stay hydrated throughout the run and the best running backpacks put this into consideration. A running backpack should have a hydration bladder. To protect the water from heat and keep it cool, the hydration bladder should be insulated.


3The storage of your running backpack is dependent on how much you plan to take along when running. The lesser the luggage, the better. Ensure that the storage matches your needs. If you’re carrying stuff that you need to easily access while still running, consider a backpack that has side storage spaces.…

Buying The Best Ring For Your Woman

Buying The Best Ring For Your Woman

As your relationship progresses and both of you have plans to be together in future, making a marriage proposal is very necessary. As the man, buying an exceptional ring for your woman will make her feel loved and valued. If you are wondering how to get the best one for her, then Dainty 10k Rose Gold Promise Ring review website is the best start point. If the process is still daunting, then you can consider the following tips.


Decide on the metal

fdgfdgfdgdfgPrecious metals are commonly used to make the best rings in the world. However, you still need to decide on which metal to go for. While Gold is still reserved for the big day, Silver with diamond is the popular metal reserved for proposal rings. However, it is also popular to see golden rings particularly the high-end gold like the rose gold. Understanding whether your lady is allergic to any of these metals will help to save the day.

Choosing the right size

Probably, you still do not know her right size. But does this stop you from buying the ring? There are many ways to know her size and the easiest is to use her sister or best friend. Through her wisdom, she will discreetly execute the errand and give you the data you need. Let the whole process be discrete to avoid pre-emptying plans. It is best left to be a surprise. Now with the right size, you can walk to an expensive jewelry shop and make an order.

Choosing the precious stones

The precious stones like diamond or ruby give a proposal ring more value. Apart from being a beauty in the eyes of your beloved, they make the moment a special one. You can pick clues of the precious stone to suit this ring from her favorite color or by understanding the gems she loves more. Some precious stones are more expensive than the other and, thus, the budget may also play a part in deciding which one to go for. You can research more on the precious stones from the Internet to understand their pros and cons.

Buy from reputable jewelry shops

sdgdfgdfgdfgdfgGetting counterfeit promise and proposal rings is a real fraud you are bound to face if you are not keen. The majority of this fraud happens online since it is easy. Now that you are not willing to lose money or get a last minute disappointment, then you ought to make sure that your choice of a seller is reputable.

While buying online, doing some background check on the sellers you shortlist is necessary. Check the comments from previous buyers and see if they have been selling legit and authentic rings. This will give you all the answers you seek.

Consider the price

Jewelry and particularly those that use precious metals, stones, and other gems are expensive. However, you can still save some money by comparing many options. Some still maintain an excellent style and design even with the minimalistic use of the precious stones and sell at a lower price. With many options to compare, you can rest assured to get a desirable ring for your woman.…

Finding The Best Living Facility For Your Seniors

Finding The Best Living Facility For Your Seniors

Finding the best living facilities for your seniors is one of the greatest things that you can do for them. It shows that you have concerns for their well-being. You, however, need to understand that with so many facilities of this kind, identifying the right one is not always a simple task. It is something that requires a certain degree of commitment and determination if you are to identify the right facilities for those people that you love. Here are some of the things that you should consider when looking for a good facility.

Individualized care

People are never same. A good senior care should understand this and should, therefore, work towards ensuring that they can provide individualized services to those people that you love. So when looking for these services, it is good to go for those facilities that will take care of those things that you loved ones are passionate about. This way, they will never have any stress since they will find anything that they want and enjoy in the facility.

Hygienic levels

This is also another important factor that you should never forget when it comes to looking for a good care facility. They say clinginess is next godliness. That is a saying that no one can dispute. They good thing is that you can easily tell if the facility is clean by simply observing. You just need to go physically into the facility and have a close examination. Take your time to have a look on the hygienic levels of the beddings and even the quality of the foods offered in these facilities.

Good design

You also need to have a close examination of the outward appearance of the entire facilities. What does the facility look like? Is it well designed so that it looks like a real home? You need to understand that for people to have a wonderful stay, they need to feel like they are always in their home. This, therefore, tells you that a good facility should understand this and should, therefore, ensure that their structures are properly designed to give one that sense of being in the home.

Family and friends

Good senior care service provider should allow friends and family members to pay a visit to their loved ones whenever they find it necessary. This is because these are the people who will ensure that their loved ones do not experience any kind of emotional problems. Apart from having a clear schedule on visiting days, a good facility should never have problems with import visits. They should instead encourage positive interactions. You should check out HCA if you want you loved ones to lead a comfortable life.…

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Glass Bong

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Glass Bong

Buying a glass bong for the first time can be a daunting task. This is because glass bongs come in several kinds, styles, designs, glass thickness, and percolators. With these different options, it can be hard for one to know exactly where to start from. That is why before you go out there to various stores to purchase your glass bong, ensure that you have the best buying tips that will guide you when making your purchasing decision. Therefore, the following quick guide will help you to narrow down your options and choose the best glass bong.


Extra FeaturesThis is one of the best options you are required to consider when it comes to glass bongs. First, you are supposed to determine how complicated or simple your bong should look like. However, most people prefer the simple bongs because they are very easy to use and thus saving time. On the other hand, other people prefer the complicated glass bongs that come with various features. Therefore, when you are choosing your glass bong, make sure that you select one that performs essential functions and one that will suit your needs.


Glass bongs come in different designs, types and even sizes. That is why you are recommended to determine the best size you need before going out there to purchase a glass bong. Once you arrive at the stores, you will notice that some glass bongs are pocket-sized units. This means that they can offer ultimate portability. Also, other different bongs are large and difficult to carry. Therefore, determine the size you need and one that will meet your requirements.


When you are considering the accessories in a glass bong, you need to check the features that are available. Also, various types of bongs such as Perc Bongs have different features or accessories. This means that different types of bongs have different attachments. Some units come with a broad range of accessories. That is why you are asked to pick a glass bong that can help you smoke efficiently.


ChambersWhen you are buying a glass bong, make sure that you take into account the number of chambers that are available. If you come across a bong that has several chambers, it shows that smoke is filtered well. Therefore, you will have a nice experience with such type of a bong because it provides a clean and pleasant smoke. Therefore, take your time to know the various options you need in your bong before you buy one.…

Mistakes to Avoid While Traveling to a Foreign Country

Mistakes to Avoid While Traveling to a Foreign Country

If you travel a lot to foreign countries, you already know how fast things can move from bad to worse. The simple things you ignore could turn your otherwise successful trip into a disaster. Well, you do not want anything to happen during your hoi an adventure tour or any other tour you may have in a foreign land. This is why you need to know these mistakes to avoid while traveling to a foreign country.

Loosely picking your destination

DestinationThere are so many countries to visit; some have the best tourist attractions, others have admirable cultures, and the rest have the best exotic meals you should try. However, this does not make every other country worth to be on your bucket list.

Most people are not careful picking the country to visit and end up regretting their decision. Do not fall into this trap; take time to search your destination and make sure it is the right place you need to visit.


You are only going to be away for a few days or for a week at most. You do not need your entire wardrobe for this. Overpacking is something travelers do and they end up with heavy luggage and never use some of the things. You should pack light.

To make sure you are not making this mistake, you need to list the most important items. Once you have this list packed, you can ignore the rest. If there are things you can get locally in the country you are visiting, there is no need of carrying them.

Ignoring travel insurance

It is obvious that you do not want bad things to happen to you while abroad. That is every traveler’s wish. However, this does not mean you should not take steps to cushion yourself from such misfortunes. That is why travel insurance is a very crucial element for anyone traveling to foreign countries.

Your domestic insurance, at most times, does not extend to cover your travel risks. You need a separate policy cover when you travel. Do not make the mistake of traveling without some cover just in case anything bad happens.

Not booking your accommodation

Out of ignorance, you may assume that the last thing you need to worry about is accommodation. Little do you know that there could be an acute shortage of good places to put up in the country you are visiting.

You may end up missing on all humanely sound accommodation and get a place you would not even give your dog to sleep. Book your accommodation early and you will never have the stress or last minute rush.

Not having some local currency in your pocket

moneyThis happens so often and you may end up missing something important. You will need some local currency to buy some stuff. And the best place to change for local currency is at the airport of entry.

Here you are assured of getting genuine local bills as opposed to when you do the changing anywhere else.


When you travel abroad, you need your documentation in order. Check whether a visa will be needed once you arrive. This is a mistake many travelers make and they only end up with embarrassment.…

A Helpful Talk On Energy Conservation

A Helpful Talk On Energy Conservation

The topic of energy and how to sustain and conserve it is becoming rather sensitive. Conferences and seminars are being held each year to discuss this same topic. The sad bit is that not much of it is being put into consideration. The delegates and ambassadors put their best foot forward and address the issue of economic energy options. As fate would have it, most of the items of discussion are being trashed and swept under the rug. More info on Utility Saving Expert available here will however help any home owner or person to save on energy at any time.

As inhabitants of this planet, we have an assignment to ensure that all sources of energy are being used the right way. More so, the natural sources of fuel are also what we need to put our planet in order. Not just to save up on the energy bills, but also to save our planet. This much we can say because of all the measures as well as parameters that have been put in place. We can start by checking on the fuel we use in our daily lives. If there are other viable and safer options, we should be more than welcome to tap into them.

A helpful talk on energy conservation

Our mandate as human beings


It would be unthinkable to leave this responsibility to the animals. There is a reason our brain capacities are not the same. All the more reason for us to see what the best thing to do is. We need not give it s second thought as we will be directly affected. The case remains the same whether the outcome is positive or negative. Our participation in all this is highly required.

We are not just ordinary human beings but those with a calling. As much as we all desire a comfortable life, let us do so responsibly. There is no better way to do this than to take care of all the natural resources availed to our care. By doing this, posterity will come to remember the solid legacy that we have left them when our time comes.

That’s not all, we are also tasked with ridding the planet of unwanted waste in a responsible and mature way. One way to do this is by recycling what we have already used including the plastic containers. Instead of burning them and polluting the clean air that we are entitled to breathe.

Our ideal sources of energy

It’s always a pleasure to rake part in the war against the energy crisis. We don’t have to be involved directly in order for us to make a difference. We can comfortably do so right from the warmth and comfort of our homes.

A good example of how we can play our roles effectively is by having solar panels installed on the roofs of our homes. This way, the project can be a natural source of energy that can be used in warming up the house as well as other functions.

Playing our roles effectively

fdgdfgdfgdgdfghSo much has been said and done over the last few decades in regards to the ongoing energy crisis. The least we can do is to aim for knowledge of the right things. We should also educate the masses on the …

Tips to help you buy the best sofa

Tips to help you buy the best sofa

You need a comfortable couch where you to unwind at after busy at work. Unfortunately, getting the right sofa is not always as easy as it seems. Often, a simple online search for a couch is a recipe for frustration. Thus, it is up to you to do due diligence if you need to the best sofa in your living room. If you intend to buy a new leather sofa, this write up will help you make the right choice.


If you are looking for a sofa online, you can quickly browse through various couch 33listings and pick a design that suits you. Alternatively, you can take your time, browse those listing carefully, and arrive at a decision not because of the first impressions but after serious considerations. Ideally, you need to ensure you get value for money and ensure that the color of the sofa compliments your interiors for enhanced aesthetics.

Look at the size

As much as most people would be interested in the design of a sofa, size matters a lot. The size of the sofa plays a critical role considering that it can make the room either spacious or overcrowded. The best way to go about this is to look at the dimension of the sofa provided and compare them with the available space. Among the things to look at when looking at the size include the size of the passageways, stairways, and the dimensions of the room.

Get the right price

We all want to buy things that are of good quality. However, high quality often comes with a corresponding price tag. Thus, when buying a sofa, you should be well aware that getting the best sofa requires you to dig deeper into your pockets. Buying a cheap sofa often ends up being costly in the end. Instead, buy a durable and comfortable unit as much as it might be costlier.

Evaluate the return policy

red sofa 23It is important to look at things like the return policy of warranties provided by different online merchants. Ideally, the longer the return policy the better. Ideally, the length of the warranty and return policy can be an indicator of the quality. Sofas with longer terms are often of superior quality.

If you are looking for a comfy sofa, the tips shared above should bring you closer to making the right choice. In case you are short of options, sofas chester are one of the best designs you can have in your living room.


Safety rules for your woodshop

Safety rules for your woodshop

Woodworking is an art aimed at utilizing wood to suit your needs. Woodturning, wood carving, carpentry, furniture making and cabinet making are some of the ways through which you can use wood to enhance your surroundings. This art has been practiced for various decades, and contemporarily there has been a sense of sophistication in the way woodworking is done. The tools and equipment used like the roofing nailer are much more advanced and efficient compared to conventional ones. However no matter the evolution and simplicity of woodwork equipment, safety measures ought to be adhered to.
Safety is enhanced by taking preemptive measures that are aimed at gaining maximum safety and enjoyment of the woodworking art.

Workers must follow the rules as prescribed by tool manufacturers and experts. In essence, however, woodworking requires the use of common sense. In this regard, you must avoid handling machinery that you are not familiar with, and if you are knowledgeable of usage, then it is recommended that you follow the procedures as prescribed. Such safety measures are not meant to instill fear but endorse safety and sustainability of woodworking tools.

Safety equipment

Most of the time woodworking tools are accorded particular safety equipment and therefore you ought to ensure that your workshop has adequate equipment to protect workers and bystanders. Goggles, hearing protectors, face shields, dust masks, gumboots, and gloves are some of the common safety equipment that can be used to shield yourself from harm.

Wear appropriate clothing

Not all clothing is ideal for a woodworking workshop, and therefore you must endeavor to preclude those that could potentially be hazardous in the working environment. In this case, you should wear clothes that are comfortable and avoid those that are saggy. Loose-fitting clothes can be entangled in a saw blade and thereby pose unnecessary harm in the workshop.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Woodworking tools are delicate and dangerous when close attention is not accorded. Impaired judgment and impaired vision are recipes for a hazardous working environment. Drugs and other intoxicating substances are embedded with various components that may hamper sobriety and vision. Sobriety is key in carrying out an efficient project as well as enhancing the safety.

Avoid distractions

As aforementioned, woodworking requires the worker to pay attention throughout the exercise. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that you avoid all possible distractions like radio, TV, and conversation. If at all you have to engage in any of these activities then it is advisable to stop then resume when you are done.



Hiring A Limo Service

Hiring A Limo Service

There are a few things to consider when you opt to hire a limousine. Hiring a Miami limo service is not an easy task unless you consider the following. These factors will help you choose the right limousine that suits the service you require. You need to look at the limousines that the company owns and make sure it serves you well. Look into their site and search whether the service you need is available and pick the limousine.

The company policy

Any company has a policy that directs its functionality. You need to take a look abc123and consider whether it suits you. The company policy is standardized to make the services comfortable for their customers. Make sure you can cope with that. You can ask questions on their site for clarification of the policies you do not understand correctly. You need to realize those limousine companies are not created equally, so Miami company might provide better service which is likely to feel you.

What the cars look like

When you look at the Miami limousines, make sure they are clean. You can also check the door jams and other places that are overlooked by most customers to ensure convenience or rapid cleaning. You can check the driver’s hygiene too and think about it. You might or might not trust the driver if he will make a favorable image to you. Check on his skills carefully and how he handles the limo.

Consider your budget

Before anything else, you should weigh your financial ability for hiring the limo. You must be able to know and allocate the budget for the limo ride at your special event. Limos are obviously very expensive and can run about $40 to $80 per hour. This gives you a hint on how much you should spare for your limo ride. You can set the hours you need the ride in a limo in order for you to know the budget for the event. You can research on the limo rates on the internet to make a genuine budget that you will manage to raise comfortably.

What brings you to Miami city

This is the question you should ask yourself before you hire a limo. Your reason may be for business or vacation. For instance, when you are at the airport, it is tedious looking for a taxi, so you can prefer to book a limo which will be of great help and stress-free on your part. For business purpose, a limo could fit you because of the fast and confidential service. Make sure you are booing the right limo for business if that is what brings you to Miami. You will be sure of a special event that will come out perfect.


The benefits associated with limos

Limos are big cars and can, therefore, accommodate four people comfortably with some luggage. You can be carried without extra charge, and one can spend in advance. You can also select between inside or curbside pickups. There are a variety designs for limos from which you can choose one that suits you best. These are added advantage that makes you comfortable with Miami limos…

Best Tips When Choosing Personal Injury Lawyers

Best Tips When Choosing Personal Injury Lawyers

There are lots of cases that arise from negligence that usually leads to injury. It is important to note that after you are injured, you are entitled to some compensation. Click here if you have been injured in an accident. A good lawyer will help you get the proper compensation that you deserve certain parameters should be considered whenever you are choosing the personal injury to represent you;

Best tips



The location of the personal injury lawyer and the client matters a lot. Make sure that you choose a personal injury attorney who lives near your vicinity or better still one is readily available. This is because you will need a learned friend to attend to your needs promptly. You may not be able to move freely because of your injury yet you will be required to meet your lawyer regularly to be updated on the progress of the case. Communication in person is more effective in this case as compared to other forms of communication.


Experience is also critical when you are choosing a personal injury lawyer. Just like wine, lawyers get better with age. The number of years that the lawyers represent different victims gives them authority in this field. They get to get different experiences since they handle different cases but at the same similar. Since the application of the law is always standard, they learn better ways of winning cases for their clients. They get to handle different cases like car accidents, bicycle accidents, and accidents that arise.


How much are you willing to spend on the personal injury lawyer? Make sure that you do not operate outside your budget. Explore the different law firms and compare the prices that they offer for their services.


The reputation of the lawyer is also important when choosing a personal injury lawyer. Some lawyers have a reputation for winning individual cases. If you have a lawyer with a great reputation on winning personal injury cases, then your chances of winning the case will be high. The reputation of the lawyer will also help you get value for your money.



The review of the personal injury lawyer is necessary. Nowadays, many law firms are rated online. You can search the internet for the personal injury lawyers and choose the suitable one based on their ratings. You can also ask for referrals from colleagues, friends, neighbors, and even family. If you know anyone who has hired a personal injury lawyer before,an talk to them on the suitability of your choice.


The Essence Of Energy Assessment

The Essence Of Energy Assessment

Every building and residence has use for energy in various ways. We find that it’s not easy for operations to run without energy being needed at some point. How it’s consumed has become a source of concern to all the parties, companies and organizations involved. Commercial energy seems to be taking the globe by storm with its versatility and glorious inventions and activities.

However, commercial energy has been on the spotlight and a source of concern. It seems to be going at an alarming rate. This is the part where your energy needs to be assessed professionally. For this to happen, you need to get in touch with those that have been in existence for the longest time. This is enough to earn them a medal of honor in the eyes of their clients. No client would love to consider hiring a team of amateurs to render their services. This only calls for an intrusive background check to get the underlying details. Energy assessment is one fundamental requirement for any serious business to flourish. Read on for more informative scoops.

Importance of energy assessment

2As we’ve seen, most buildings and houses are powered by the running of energy. This either goes on in a consumptive or extravagant way. This requires you to be thorough in your search for the best people to work with. This is the flow of energy we are talking about. All the more reason to be watchful and alert in all your dealings as well as connections.
Energy keeps you in good books with the law and shows how genuine your intentions are. The law will require you to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to assess how well you are conducting your business. Regardless of where you are based, a valid and reliable EPC is inevitable. You simply can’t do without this certificate for your business to flourish.
Energy assessment is also important as it is a requirement for the safety of your health. This includes following all the relevant procedures needed for it to be successful.

The assessor in question

We have finally understood the importance of having your building and area of residence assessed. We now know the roles we have to play to make the assessment procedure possible. The assessor in question also has a very vital role to play. This means that you should be careful as well as selective when looking for an energy assessor.
For instance, an energy assessor in Plymouth is well aware of all the needs and requirements of their clients. They won’t have to use the back doors to prove to their clients how experienced they are in their particular fields. The result of their work is enough to make clients look for them everywhere.
The energy assessor must have been in operation for a significant time period. This will translate to the level of experience they have acquired in this field.

Domestic energy assessment

3Energy assessment does not only apply to the commercial areas. Domestic areas are in need of them too. As long as they use appliances that consume electricity, the energy needs to be assessed as well.…

Benefits Of UPVC Windows And Doors

Benefits Of UPVC Windows And Doors

Besides UPVC doors and windows adding beauty to the home décor, they also have many benefits. They come in various sizes and shapes which makes it easy to choose the right size for your home. These doors and windows are better than the traditional wooden windows and doors.

Reasons for using UPVC doors and windows in your home

Easy to maintain


UPVC door and window frames do not need sealing of painting which makes them considerably easy to maintain as compared to wooden windows and doors that require painting at least every year or twice a year. UPVC doors and windows can be cleaned easily using water and detergents.

They are ultraviolet resistant

They have been tested for UV resistant hence you are guaranteed they will not fade due to harsh sun. UV rays from the sun are a nightmare for all living species, and if these doors and windows can prevent us from these rays, then we should be happy. This makes them useful for all weather conditions.


These doors and windows are durable and most of the ones installed twenty-five years ago are still useful as research shows. This means that investing in these doors and windows can pass for a once in a lifetime investment and since their maintenance cost is low then they are the best option.

Rot resistant

Door and windows made of UPVC are capable of resisting, corrosion as well as rot. This is the reason they are so durable and lasts for a considerably longer time as compared to traditional wooden windows and doors.

Provide efficient security

These doors and windows are galvanized with a strong layer of steel metal that makes it difficult for intruders to break. This makes them excellent for providing security to your home.

Maintain uniform temperature

UPVC windows and doors are non-conductive which imply that they do not allow heat pass through. This way they will maintain the temperature inside your house thus making them good for purposes of home insulation.

Variety of design

homeimprovementleftcfghThese types of windows and doors offer a wide variety of design from which you can choose. You can even get customized designs to suit your home. Besides this, they come in various shapes and sizes which make it easy for you to select.

Most homeowners have today use UPVC doors and windows when building because of these benefits. Choose these windows and doors next time you are building to reap these benefits.…


Willkommen auf

Wer wir sind, was wir tun

Viele Tierschützer und Tierschützerinnen – egal ob privat oder organisiert – gehen jeden Tag bis an die Grenze der Belastbarkeit. Häufig stehen ihnen dabei nicht die Mittel zur Verfügung, um so zu arbeiten, wie es notwendig wäre.

Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, Tieren und Menschen, die sich für Tiere einsetzen, zu helfen.

Klicken Sie hier, um den ganzen Artikel zu lesen …


Bordeaux-Dogge Sirius – Spassvogel und Knutschkugel mit Appetit auf Katzen
Sirius ist eine reinrassige Bordeaux-Dogge und ein echter Spassvogel, der es liebt, rumzutoben. Der kastrierte Rüde ist etwa 3–4 Jahre alt und wurde vor einigen Monaten fast verhungert und schwer misshandelt mit einem ausgestochenen Auge in Ungarn gefunden.
Trotz der unvorstellbaren Qualen, die Sirius durchgemacht haben muss, ist er Menschen gegenüber ein sehr, sehr freundlicher Hund, […]
Meat is Murder – Demo gegen die Fleischindustrie am 12.12.2009
Weitere Infos finden Sie auf der Webseite des Veranstalters.


Hässliche Chancen in der Krise …
Zugegeben, dieser Text hat nur am Rande mit Tierschutz zu tun, dennoch sollte er vielleicht zum Nachdenken anregen.
Vor einigen Tagen konnte man (z.B. bei TASSO) nachlesen, dass immer mehr Tiere ausgesetzt werden und in diesem Jahr die Zahl der Abgaben in Tierheimen massiv zugenommen hat.
Wie fast alles, was im Moment an kleinen Schweinereien passiert, wird […]


Kritische Gedanken zum Tierschutz …
… erreichten uns vor Kurzem. Damit Sie sich selber ein Bild machen können, veröffentlichen wir sie hier gerne und freuen uns über Ihre Meinung:
Liebe Kollegen,
ich habe mir am Wochenende einige Gedanken dazu gemacht wie es im Tierschutz, zumindest was meinen Part daran angeht, weiter gehen soll angesichts der aktuellen Situation, vor allem im politischen Bereich.
Ich […]


Dokumentation über Ungarn
Im August reisten wir gemeinsam mit der Tierschutzinitiative Fellfreunde nach Ungarn und hatten die Gelegenheit, vor Ort mit den TierschützerInnen und den Verantwortlichen in den Tierheimen und Tötungsstationen zu sprechen.
Außerdem bekamen wir die Erlaubnis, in den Einrichtungen zu filmen. Herausgekommen ist eine 45-minütige Dokumentation, welche Sie hier in fünf Teilen ansehen können (Youtube lässt leider […]


Lustige Werbung
Zur Zeit gibt es nur schlimme Nachrichten 🙁
deshalb ein schön-trauriger Werbespot zur allgemeinen Ablenkung und gleichzeitig der “Beweis”, dass unsere Tiere manchmal die selben Beziehungsprobleme haben wie wir ……