Things to consider when buying a running backpack

Things to consider when buying a running backpack

Running is a trend that has been there for a long time and one of those that are here to stay. To enjoy running and ensure that you do not hurt yourself, you need to be in the right running gear. A running backpack is part of this gear.

So, what makes a good running backpack?

If you take a closer look at the top 10 best running backpacks of 2017, you will realize that they all have most features in common. The only ways they differ is in color, material make and the design style. All the features that matter are common to all these bags.

Below is a list of things you should consider when buying a running backpack.


To have a smooth run, you need to have as less weight as possible. Otherwise, you will be more tired than you should be by the end of the run if you have too much weight on you. The 10 best running backpacks of 2017 are light in weight. This is how all running backpacks should be. This ensures that the bag does not contribute much to the weight of the things you stuff inside it. When buying the bag, try it on your back first. If it feels like it already has some weight inside, this is definitely not a good running backpack.

The straps

2When it comes to the straps of a backpack, they should be strong enough to hold the bag as well as the weight of its content. They should also minimize the backpack’s movement and keep it intact on your back. There are 3 straps to consider; the shoulder straps, chest straps and waist straps. The shoulder straps should be wide to ensure even distribution of the backpack’s weight across the shoulders. Additionally, wide shoulders prevent the pain caused by thin straps which dig into the shoulders. Chest straps are meant to help take off some weight from the shoulders and distribute it across the chest. Waist straps, on the other hand, are essential for supporting the backpack at the bottom where it is heaviest. They should also be strong and wide. Just like the 10 best running backpacks of 2017, a good backpack should have adjustable straps to hold the backpack firmly and secure.

The fit

It has been mentioned above that a backpack should have adjustable straps. However, these straps should not be used for the purpose of adjusting the bag to fit your posture. A good backpack should match your posture before the straps are adjusted. To know a backpack that complements your posture, it should fit you perfectly around the areas that support the weight. These are your shoulders and the waist.


You will need to stay hydrated throughout the run and the best running backpacks put this into consideration. A running backpack should have a hydration bladder. To protect the water from heat and keep it cool, the hydration bladder should be insulated.


3The storage of your running backpack is dependent on how much you plan to take along when running. The lesser the luggage, the better. Ensure that the storage matches your needs. If you’re carrying stuff that you need to easily access while still running, consider a backpack that has side storage spaces.…